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Altmore Infant School

Altmore Infant School

Black History

This year Reception, Year One and Year Two children were given a significant individual to focus on. Looking at a significant individual’s life and events, Reception focussed on Martin Luther King, Year One looked at Mo Farah and Year Two learnt about Mary Seacole. 

The children used class discussions, pictures, drawings, stories, non-fiction texts and information sheets to learn key facts and date about their focus person.

Reception looked at Martin Luther’s King speech ‘I had a dream’ and thought about their own wishes and dreams. They attempted some simple writing and teachers also supported the children to record their ideas in a variety of ways (orally and through drawings/pictures).

Year One looked at Mo Farah and thought about gold, silver and bronze ‘medal-worthy’ behaviours and thought about what Mo had to overcome to get to where he is today. They also made 3D models of Mo and his signature ‘Mobot’ pose using tin foil.

Year Two completed some lovely pieces of writing about Mary Seacole, using acrostic poems to describe her and her work, a thank you letter as a solider thanking Mary for all her efforts and they made some beautiful fact files and including their own pictures and drawings linked to Mary and her life.

Towards the end of the month Reception and Key Stage one held a parent celebration sessions where children invited their parents to share their work with them. This was a great success and the children loved sharing all of their stories, photos and pieces of hard work that they had completed.

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