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Altmore Infant School

Altmore Infant School

Aims and Ethos

At Altmore Infant School we aim:

  • to provide a happy, secure, well organised and stimulating environment where all children and staff can work and learn together in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect and where children can learn to be tolerant, courteous and considerate to others
  • to provide an education of exceptional quality which promotes the highest possible standards of learning for every child
  • to provide a broad and balanced curriculum to help and guide each child develop his/her full potential through a range of skills, knowledge and practical play activities
  • to promote and encourage childrens' independence and confidence
  • to recognise the individuality of each child and cater for individual needs
  • to provide equal educational opportunities and experiences to all children regardless of disability, race, religion or gender
  • to teach and foster the development of good working habits, an enquiring mind and self discipline and to encourage the children to take pride in their work, themselves and the school
  • to enrich the lives of our children through fostering respect and understanding of the many cultures represented in our school and wider community
  • to encourage children to believe in themselves and to participate and support each other as active members of our community
  • to foster a caring environment where all children learn to respect the school's property and that of others.