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Altmore Infant School

Altmore Infant School


 Lockdown January 2021 – Remote Learning

Seesaw is made up of two APPs which as a school we utilise.

  1. Seesaw Family – is an APP which allows teachers and parents to communicate.
  2. Seesaw Class – is an APP designed for children to complete learning, online.


In EYFS children use the app Seesaw Class to engage in their remote learning.

What is on offer to the children at home?

Teachers continue to plan lessons as they would do if they were in school. Staff meet in their Year Groups weekly to plan learning for the following week and design work/resources that children can access at home through their Seesaw account.

Every day children have access to the following learning:

  • Literacy lesson
  • Provision/Craft activity
  • Phonics lesson 
  • Maths lesson
  • Handwriting lesson
  • Story time session

How do the children engage and complete their work?

Children log in to their Seesaw class page and have access to all the work planned for them by their class teacher. Work is scheduled at different times of the day, following a structured timetable.

Children then have the opportunity to watch their teacher model the lesson in a          pre-recorded video and then complete the activity provided to them.  These videos and lessons are available all day for the children to access.  The reason we are offering        pre-recorded videos is to support families who are sharing devices with siblings.  This way children can access their learning at any time of the day, on any device.

Children complete their work in a range of different ways, depending on the task.  Some work is provided in the form of an activity on Seesaw where children are able to manipulate and create. Other activities require children to work on paper at home and then upload evidence of the work they have completed. If the activity requires a child to record a video – this too, can be uploaded for the class teacher to see.

Marking and Teacher Feedback:

Seesaw allows teachers to mark work by:

  • Adding a teacher comment in the comment box.
  • Sending a voice note to allow verbal feedback.
  • Using the ‘heart’ symbol to acknowledge a child’s work has been seen. 
  • Using the pen feature to mark work.

Here is an example of how a teacher has marked a piece of work, has sent a voice note for verbal feedback and typed in a comment. 

How do children engage with their peers?

Teachers hold weekly Zoom meetings which allows children the opportunity to speak to and see one another and communicate with their peers. This is a very popular part of the week and children love to see their peers and teachers. Teachers allow each child a turn to share something and classes enjoy singing a few songs together.

Weekly Assemblies:

Assemblies are held weekly via Zoom. Each week children have:

  • One assembly with the Assistant Headteacher focussing on PSHCE/wellbeing topics.
  • One assembly with the Head of School focussing on sharing good work.
  • One assembly with a subject leader focussing on any relevant festivals and celebrations.

How do we keep in touch with our families during lockdown?

The Seesaw Family app has a functionality for an inbox where teachers and parents can message each other privately:

The Inbox has four functionalities.

  1. Messages
  2. Student announcements
  3. Family Announcements
  4. School Announcements


1. Messages:

Parents and teachers can message each other privately here. This serves the same purpose as an email inbox.

2. Student Announcements:
This is where teachers can message all the children in their class.

3. Family Announcements:
This is where teachers can message all the children and parents in their class.

4. School Announcements:
This is where a member of SLT can send any messages/newsletters to all  the children in the school.  

What happens if a child cannot access Seesaw to do their remote learning?

For children who are unable to access Seesaw due to a device issue at home, paper packs are offered to these children which reflect and include the weekly learning that is being uploaded to Seesaw. Parents are able to collect these packs each week. Some paper packs are also sent to families by post or delivered by hand by members of staff.

Keyworker/Vulnerable children attending school:

Children who are vulnerable or whose parents are key workers are invited to come to school daily between 9:00am – 3:30pm. These children use the schools computing devices to access the same learning as those who  are working remotely.

How are pupils with High Needs Funding and Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP) supported at home?

Some children who are working from home are accessing their differentiated learning through Seesaw. Other children are receiving a combination of their learning through Seesaw, for example, PE, Assembly and story time as well as following a personalised symbol schedule outlining their daily routine, for example, choose, working with Parents, ‘Let’s Get Moving’, learning pack and on-line learning links for activities. 

External agencies, Language, Communication and Interaction Service, Complex Needs and Dyslexia Service and the Sensory Service have supported the School with advice and resources for the children on their caseload. Children are also accessing on-line language groups provided by our School Buy-in Speech and Language Therapist.

National Online Safety