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In EYFS and KS1 we use the RWI scheme for Handwriting to ensure that children build up their handwriting skills every day. Children in KS1 have a minimum of 3 handwriting sessions per week. The scheme makes the physical process of writing enjoyable from the start, so children see themselves as ‘writers’. We use mnemonics – memory pictures – to help children visualise the letter or join before they write it down.

There are three handwriting stages:

Stage 1 - In Stage 1a, children practise correct letter formation. In Stage 1b, children learn where to place the letters on the writing line.

Stage 2 - Children learn a mature style of writing that will lead to joined-up writing.

Stage 3 - Children learn the two basic joins: the arm join (diagonal) and the washing line join (horizontal) and the two variables for each join.

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