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Altmore Infant School

Altmore Infant School

March's Reading Gladiator Text: The Secret Railway by Wendy Meddour


The Kingdom of Izzambard is in trouble. Big trouble. 
Griselda, the Master Clockmaker, has stopped time and released her mechanical birds to spread chaos and misery. They spy on anyone who might believe in the old ways of magic and laughter and the whole kingdom lives in fear. 
Brother and sister, Leo and Ella Leggit are clever enough and brave enough to stop Griselda and her birds - they just don't know it yet. But when a magical train puffs into their lives, driven by the mysterious Bartholomew Buckle, all that changes . . . 
Will Leo and Ella be able to bring magic back to Izzambard once again and get home in time for fish fingers?