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Altmore Infant School

Altmore Infant School

November's Reading Gladiator Text: Grey Island Red Boat by Ian Beck

In November we read a beautiful story called Grey Island Red Boat. This story was about an island where everything on the Island of Ashes is grey, from the weather to the castle, the grass an​d the flowers. But then the red boat arrives, and with it a young man who believes he is cursed - everything he touches turns to colour. Princess Opal and the people of the island are enchanted, but the King is suspicious and imprisons Wendell. Opal must find a way to escape to a life filled with love and colour. High quality cream paper and a special easy to read font ensure a smooth read for all.


While reading this book we noticed that we never got to see Princess Opal's facial expressions and we only ever saw her silhouette. We decided to make some of our own art by tracing around photo's of our own silhouettes.

We painted our silhouettes black and then decided what colours we would like our island to be. We discussed how different colours made us feel and then chose the colours we wanted on our island to be.  We had great fun painting our own backgrounds. 


Look at our beautiful artwork!