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Altmore Infant School

Altmore Infant School

Pupil Premium

Altmore Infant School Pupil Premium Statement

At Altmore, we use our Pupil Premium funding to enhance the support and interventions that we are able to give to different groups of children. One of the Government’s measures for ‘vulnerable’ groups is the number of children who are entitled to receive free school meals at our school.


The Impact of our support work can be seen in the improving outcomes for children at our school; a consistent trend over the last three years shows a positive picture in terms of their APS (Average Point Score) achievement.

Pupil Premium strategy

The Pupil Premium is an additional annual payment to schools for each ‘disadvantaged’ child that attends their school. 

This funding is given in recognition of the fact that, nationally, disadvantaged children do not perform as well as their non-disadvantaged peers. At Altmore Infant School, we recognise that we are a school, with a very high percentage of students  defined as disadvantaged. We are very proud of the high levels of achievement of all children across our school, whether disadvantaged or not. If you are the parent of a child eligible for the Pupil Premium, you can be assured that your child will outperform the average for these students nationally by a considerable margin. Not only do our Pupil Premium children outperform averages for similar pupils, we strive to ensure they outperform the averages for all students, irrespective of disadvantage.

Please click to see how we have identified our Pupil Premium spend for 2016-2017, you will notice that our Pupil Premium Strategy is compliant with the new DFE guidance on how schools should set out this reporting of the additional funding. 
Included in our Pupil Premium for Key Stage 1,  you will notice in this document we have also included a strategy for the use of our Early Years Pupil Premium allocation for 2016-2017.

Parents will be pleased to know,that as part of my strategic drive for Outstanding Governance within the Federation , I, along with members of the Governing Body, have successfully appointed 2 Governors to monitor the Pupil Premium strategy for Altmore Infant School and Pre- School. My aim is that these Governors will support the school in the delivery of this plan through strategic monitoring and providing challenge for leaders by  holding us to account in the realisation of these objectives for this specific group.

Finally, I would like to thank all the parents for your continued support in updating your information at the school. Your information sharing, means that we are in a position to report this to the DFE and Local Authority about the pupils and families eligible for this additional funding.

Your support makes a huge difference to the school.

Sarah Rowlands 
Executive Headteacher