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Altmore Infant School

Altmore Infant School

Reading at Altmore

In KS1, English lessons and Reading are taught through our bespoke units of work designed around a CLPE core text (wherever possible) each term. These units of work are designed by our teachers and aim to include:

  • introducing a text
  • making predictions about a text
  • walking through a text
  • reading a text and exploring the text in great detail
  • role playing scenes from a text, focussing on using the story language and story vocabulary
  • ordering the sequence of events
  • taking part in comprehension/reciprocal reading lessons
  • writing book reviews

Year 1

Year 2

As well as our bespoke planning around English children also have the following opportunities:

Daily opportunities:

  • Phonic sessions for 20 minutes
  • Guided Reading for 25 minutes
  • 1hr English lesson

Weekly opportunities:

  • Whole class Reciprocal Reading session
  • Story times in the afternoons
  • Eric (Everybody reads in class)

Termly opportunities:

  • Reading Café (see Exciting Reading additions)
  • Library visits to Newham Library.


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