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Altmore Infant School

Altmore Infant School

Remembrance Day 2020

To commemorate Remembrance Day this year, all staff and children across the school listened to the song ‘The Last Post,’ a song played by one person on a bugle, before holding a two minutes’ silence to remember those that fought or lost their lives during the wars.  The children stayed silent across the school and it was amazing to see how well they concentrated and reflected on the importance of this moment.  Throughout the day, the children then completed some activities related to Remembrance Day and the symbol of the poppy.

Children in Year 1 and Year 2 read the story ‘Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge,’ a story about a little boy who helps an older lady remember her memories using a range of objects.  In the story, one of the memories the lady had forgotten was of her brother who had gone to war and never returned.  The little boy talked about ‘something as precious as gold’ and this helped the lady remember the special medals she had kept as a reminder of her brother’s life and heroic actions.  After reading the story, the children reflected on their own memories and discussed how memories can evoke different emotions such as being happy, sad or exciting.

During Remembrance Day, the children also created some excellent paintings.  Year 1 children painted their own landscapes of poppy fields using water colour paints.  Year 2 looked at the artist ‘Banksy’s’ famous stencil mural ‘The Girl with the Red Balloon’ and they use their own photographs to recreate this image and then painted poppies in place of the balloon.

Year 1 Art work:         


Year 2 Art work:

Banksy’s famous stencil mural ‘The Girl with the Red Balloon.'

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